Mustafa Dalcı: This was not the right of the game

Indicating that they could not be under much pressure in the first half of the match, Koşukavak said, „It is necessary to talk about the game in two parts. In the first half of the game, we couldn’t do much foreground pressure. We couldn’t keep the ball in the 3rd zone, we played an ineffective game. As of the second half, we changed the game and changed 1 player. We had difficulty playing when the ball was on the opponent’s side. With the second half foreground pressures, we completely took over the game. We had 3-4 positions before the score was 2-1, we could have turned the game with them. Things like this happen in teams from time to time. We can’t play a standard game. „Actor’s performances are very ups and downs,“ he said.

Kosukavak said, „We have young players. As long as we cannot play the game in two ways, such things have happened in the previous matches from time to time. We have some parts, some parts do not. We have to deal with these in order to compete. After all, we have young players. There are matches that increase in difficulty towards the end of the league. „It is not easy to deal with this pressure. If we have young players, the performance curves are fluctuating in 2 matches per week. They will gain these experiences over time,“ he said.


Genclerbirligi Technical Director Mustafa Dalcı said, “We have been playing well for weeks. Samsunspor match, Keçiörengücü match, today’s Manisa match. It’s really sad not to get paid for the game played on the field. We could have broken the first half game today. We closed the first half leading 1-0 without giving the opponent a position. Even before we stepped in, we got another clear position. Had we done that, another game would have been played in the second half. The story of the game in the second half changed a little. The opposing team started with forecourt pressures. Unfortunately, we conceded the goal by losing the ball while we were playing the passing game. After that, for 5-10 minutes, the opponent seemed to be doing something again, but we did something to recover. We recovered a little more, but we were defeated by the goal we conceded from the standing ball. We didn’t get the points we should have for weeks, it really upsets us. This was not the right of the game,“ he commented.

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The article discusses the post-match comments of Genclerbirligi’s coach, Mustafa Koşukavak, and technical director, Mustafa Dalcı, after their team’s 2-1 defeat to Manisa FK. Koşukavak mentioned that the team struggled to keep possession in the first half and only took control of the game in the second half, but missed key chances that could have changed the final result. He also mentioned the difficulties of playing with young players in a league that increases in difficulty towards the end. Dalcı expressed his frustration at not being able to capitalize on their good performances in recent weeks and losing a game despite dominating the first half. Both coaches acknowledged that the team needs to improve and learn from these experiences.

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