More than 500 people hospitalized due to sandstorm in Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced that 515 people applied to hospitals due to choking and shortness of breath due to the sandstorm that hit the country. In the statement made by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Seyf al-Bedir, it was emphasized that a total of 515 people throughout the country, especially in the capital Baghdad, applied to hospitals with complaints of shortness of breath and suffocation. Noting that the necessary intervention was made to those who were taken to the hospital, al-Badir said that ambulances and medical teams were mobilized within the scope of the measures taken against possible new cases.

The spokesperson of the Iraqi Ministry of Health stated that most of the patients who applied to the hospitals were discharged and that no death cases were recorded.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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The Iraqi Ministry of Health has reported that over 500 people were hospitalized due to a sandstorm in the country. The spokesperson for the ministry, Seyf al-Bedir, stated that 515 people across the country sought medical assistance, particularly in the capital city of Baghdad, for respiratory problems caused by the sandstorm. However, most patients were discharged after receiving necessary medical interventions, and no fatalities were reported. As a precautionary measure, ambulances and medical teams were deployed to deal with any further cases arising from the sandstorm.

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