Minister Akar: Everyone should respect the efforts of the Mehmetçik

Minister Akar, together with Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Force Commanders and Deputy Ministers, came together with the families of martyrs and veterans at the iftar held at the Gazi Military Club. Speaking after the fast-breaking meal, Akar stated that they try to come together with the families of martyrs and veterans at every opportunity, and that they are always with them. Reminding the February 6 earthquakes, Akar said that right after the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, which were described as the ‚disaster of the century‘, the state stood by its citizens and the nation stood by its state.

Stating that the Turkish Armed Forces also mobilized from the first moment to help his nation, Akar said, „Mehmetçik did everything he could with great devotion, perseverance and heroism and continues to do so. First of all our President, all ministers, governors, concerned Institutions and organizations continue to work day and night to heal the wounds with their citizens,“ he said.


Reminding that there have been many troubles throughout history, Akar said, „Thank God, we came out of these troubles with a clear conscience. The state and the nation, hand in hand, with one fist, one heart, together, will overcome this disaster and we will overcome them.“

Pointing out that in addition to the fight against earthquakes, the border security of the Mehmetçi and the fight against terrorism in the north of Iraq and Syria continue, Akar said, „Within the scope of the strategy of destroying terrorism at its source, we continue our activities with an offensive spirit with increasing violence and tempo. With the understanding of ‚if I die, I become a veteran‘. „I hope Mehmetçik, who continues his work, will save our noble nation from the scourge of terrorism at the end of this struggle. We are determined and determined for this. We have martyrs and veterans during this struggle. We asked for the blood of the martyrs and veterans and the tears of their precious families,“ he said.


Referring to the border security, Akar said, „Our borders are protected by the most intense measures in the history of the Republic. We have never allowed or do not allow illegal crossings in any way. There is no tolerance. Our borders are controlled by Mehmetçik using the most advanced technology tools and equipment.“

Emphasizing that the struggle on land, air and sea for the protection of rights, interests and interests continues, Akar said:

„The heroic sons of the TAF continue their struggle with great determination to ensure the security of our country and our nation, and to protect their rights, relevance and interests. This struggle is extremely respectable. All the soldiers need is morale and motivation. Therefore, we say that no one from inside or outside can harm any fitna. Let it not cause mischief, let it not spoil the morale and motivation of the Mehmetçi. Everyone should respect the efforts of the Mehmetçik. The struggle is for our state and our nation.“

On the other hand, her little veteran daughter named Elizan Gül came to Minister Akar during her speech. Taking little Elizan to the podium, Akar continued his speech with her for a while.

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Minister Akar, along with other high-ranking military officials and deputy ministers, attended an iftar event organized for the families of martyrs and veterans at the Gazi Military Club. Speaking at the event, Akar noted that the Turkish Armed Forces mobilized immediately to help citizens affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes in February. He also emphasized the ongoing fight for border security and the fight against terrorism in Iraq and Syria. Akar praised the devotion, perseverance, and heroism of the Mehmetçik and called for respect for their efforts. During his speech, Akar was joined by Elizan Gül, a little veteran daughter, whom he held with him at the podium.

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