Mesut Yılmaz’s son Hasan Yılmaz’s statement of candidacy for the IYI Party MP

Mesut Yılmaz’s son, Emir Hasan Yılmaz, made the following statements in his statement:

„I have brought to the attention of the public that I cannot accept the Rize parliamentary candidacy proposal made to me by Meral Akşener, the Chairman of the IYI Party, upon the intense request and favor of my fellow citizens from Rize, due to my workload at Istanbul Kent University, where our family foundation is founded, and that I do not intend to take part in politics in the coming period. I would like to express my endless gratitude to all my fellow citizens from Rize for their unwavering support during this process and especially for their determination to keep the name of my deceased father alive.“

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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Mesut Yılmaz’s son, Emir Hasan Yılmaz, declined a parliamentary candidacy proposal from the IYI Party for the Rize province due to his workload at Istanbul Kent University and no intention to participate in politics in the future. He expressed gratitude to his fellow citizens for their support and determination to keep his father’s legacy alive.

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