Meeting on Syria started in Moscow

At the meeting at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where Minister Sergey Lavrov made the opening speech, the Turkish delegation is chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister Burak Akçapar.

Mihail Bogdanov, President Vladimir Putin’s Special Representative for the Middle East and African Countries, representing Russia, Ali Asgar Haji, Political Affairs Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, representing Iran, and Deputy Foreign Minister Eymen Susan, representing the Assad regime, are attending the meeting.

According to the information obtained from diplomatic sources, the Moscow talks will be a ground survey for the desired meeting between the foreign ministers of the 4 countries.

The parties will exchange views on which agenda the ministers can meet and which areas of cooperation they can consider.

The meeting continues closed to the press.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A meeting is taking place in Moscow between officials from Turkey, Russia, Iran, and the Syrian regime. The talks are aimed at laying the groundwork for a desired meeting between the foreign ministers of the four countries. The parties will discuss the agenda for the potential meeting and areas of cooperation. Diplomatic sources report that the meeting is closed to the press.

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