LAST MINUTE NEWS: School attack in the USA: 6 people lost their lives – Last Minute World News

The Metro Nashville Police Department, in its first statement on its Twitter account, reported that the female attacker, who was carrying 2 long-barreled guns and a pistol, was killed at the scene.

While the identity of the attacker was not disclosed, no information was shared about why he carried out the armed attack or whether there were any other injuries in the incident.


U.S. President Joe Biden has urged Congress to take action to pass laws imposing stricter weapons regulations following the shooting at an elementary school in the state of Tennessee.

Stating that more needs to be done to prevent armed attacks, Biden drew attention to the fact that the attacker had 2 long-barreled guns and a pistol.

President Biden urged Congress to pass legislation reforming armaments regulations, highlighting the importance of his decree banning assault weapons and a comprehensive criminal record check on arms sales.


Biden has ordered that all public buildings, including the White House, military garrisons and navy ships across the country fly at half-mast by sunset on March 31.

Accordingly, all US embassies, embassies and consular offices, military bases and navy stations abroad, including the flags will be lowered at half-mast until the same date.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A female attacker with 2 long-barreled guns and a pistol has been killed at the scene of an armed attack in the state of Tennessee, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department. The identity of the attacker and any other injuries have not been disclosed. US President Joe Biden has called on Congress to impose stricter weapons regulations, urging the passing of legislation reforming armaments regulations and highlighting the importance of his ban on assault weapons and comprehensive criminal record checks on arms sales. Biden has also ordered flags across the country, including at the White House and military garrisons, to be flown at half-mast until March 31 in honor of the victims.

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