landslide in Rize; earth and rocks destroyed the kitchen wall

A landslide occurred on Şehitler Street in Hazar Mahallesi, in the Iyidere district, last night. Pieces of rock and soil from the slope destroyed the kitchen wall of Cevat Aydın’s one-story house and entered inside. 2 people in the house experienced fear. AFAD, municipality and police teams were sent to the neighborhood upon the notice of the landlord. The teams started a technical investigation about the landslide, and the house was evacuated as a precaution.

Describing his experiences, Cevat Aydın said, „There was a loud noise.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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On Şehitler Street in Hazar Mahallesi, Iyidere district, a landslide occurred last night. The landslide caused pieces of rock and soil from the slope to destroy the kitchen wall of a one-story house belonging to Cevat Aydın, which led to terror for two people inside. Following the notice of the landlord, AFAD, municipality, and police teams were dispatched to investigate the incident. As a precaution, the house was evacuated. Cevat Aydın, who experienced the event, described it as a loud noise. The teams are conducting a technical investigation into the landslide.

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