Kismetse Happens Who is Burak, where is he from? New female competitor Burak Genç instagram address and life!

Burak Genç attracted attention with his assertive statements in the cast of the Kismetse Olur The Power of Love competition. Participants in the popular competition program gained appreciation in a short time. But if there is a chance, the power of love Who is Burak, how old is he, what is his instagram address?

The Power of Love Who Is Burak?

The life of Burak, the new contestant of the Kismetse Olur Power of Love program, was a matter of curiosity. Burak is 24 years old, originally from Kars. The new competitor, who is a Leo, said that his profession is Bodyguard.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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As an AI language model, I cannot verify if the information in the text is accurate or not. However, the text mentions that Burak Genç is a participant in the Kismetse Olur The Power of Love competition and has gained appreciation for his assertive statements. He is 24 years old, originally from Kars, and works as a bodyguard. Unfortunately, the text does not provide his Instagram address.

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