Israeli police changed their statement that the incident in Tel Aviv was a „terrorist attack“

A tourist was killed and 5 injured when a civilian vehicle hit pedestrians in the capital Tel Aviv yesterday evening.

In its first statement regarding the incident, which the Israeli police described as a „terrorist attack“, they shared the information that „a terrorist hit pedestrians on the walking path in Tel Aviv“.

In the statement, which pointed out that a nearby police officer „sees a vehicle that has overturned and some people lying on the ground“ after arriving at the scene due to the noise, it was noted that „the driver in the vehicle tried to reach for his gun, and then the police officers neutralized the terrorist and killed him“.

Basing the incident on security sources, the Israeli press also shared the information that the attacker, who carried out the action with a „stolen vehicle“, was a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank.

All allegations collapsed one by one.

However, the official statement was completely changed after the images of the driver being shot and neutralized by the Israeli police were spread on social media.

The Israeli police changed the narrative in the statement they made the night before that „it was a terrorist attack and the attacker had a weapon“. Tel Aviv Police Chief Ami Eshed said they were considering „the possibility that the incident was not a terrorist attack“.

Police sources, who shared the driver’s name as Yusuf Abu Jabir, confirmed that the person in question was not associated with a Palestinian political or armed group.

Then it was announced that the vehicle was not stolen, but registered to Abu Jabir’s wife.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A civilian vehicle hit pedestrians in Tel Aviv, resulting in the death of a tourist and injury of 5 others. Initially, the incident was described as a „terrorist attack“ by Israeli police, and attributed to a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank who had allegedly carried out the attack with a stolen vehicle. However, this narrative was later revised after social media images emerged showing the police shooting and neutralizing the driver, who was identified as Yusuf Abu Jabir. The official statement was changed to note that police were considering the possibility that the incident was not a terrorist attack and that Abu Jabir was not associated with a Palestinian political or armed group. It was also revealed that the vehicle used in the attack was registered to Abu Jabir’s wife, and not stolen.

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