In the U14 match, the manager headbutted the referee, the match was suspended – Last Minute Sports News

The match was suspended after the manager headbutted the referee in the U14 Turkish Championship.

Playing their first match in Mersin Group against Adana Seyhan Belediyespor at Seyfi Ali Stadium, Talasgücü Belediyespor made a good start to the group matches by defeating their opponent with a single goal scored by Emirhan Bircan.

In the second match of the yellow-dark blue team, Osmaniye Akdenizspor faced off in Kayseri. The match, which continued with the 2-0 superiority of Talasgücü Belediyespor, was interrupted.

While the middle referee of the match was showing a card to a manager from Osmaniye Akdenizspor’s club, the manager entered the field and headbutted the referee. The referee, who dropped the yellow card from his hand, then called his assistants and suspended the match.

After the match was interrupted, Talasgücü Belediyespor won by forfeit and made it to the final. Yellow-dark blue team will play in the final.

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Source Link: NTV/BRT

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The U14 Turkish Championship match between Talasgücü Belediyespor and Osmaniye Akdenizspor was suspended after the latter’s manager headbutted the referee while he was showing a card. The referee called his assistants and stopped the game. Talasgücü Belediyespor won the match by forfeit and advanced to the final. The yellow-dark blue team will be playing in the final. The incident occurred during the second match of Talasgücü Belediyespor in the Mersin Group. They won the match with a single goal scored by Emirhan Bircan in their first match against Adana Seyhan Belediyespor.

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