How many days until the election? Countdown to 2023 Presidential Elections


March 27: For those who want to be nominated by the voters for the presidential candidacy, the deadline for submitting an offer by the voters will end at 20:00.

March 28: The Presidential temporary candidate list will be published in the Official Gazette and the appeal process will begin as of 08:00.

March 29: The deadline for objections to the temporary presidential candidate list will expire at 17.00 and the objections will be examined by the YSK.

March 30: The process of deciding the objections to the temporary presidential candidate list by the YSK will come to an end.

March 31: The final presidential candidate list will be published in the Official Gazette and the presidential election propaganda period will begin.

April 1: A lottery will be drawn at the YSK to determine the places of the presidential candidates on the combined ballot paper.

April 2nd: The mukhtar district hanger lists and the hanger lists for detainees and convicts of negligent crimes will be suspended and the appeal process will end.

April 3: Objections to the mukhtar district hanger lists and the overseas electoral roll and the hanger lists for detainees and convicts of negligent crimes will be decided.

April 6: The time for the political parties to give up the alliance will end at 17.00. Political parties that give up the alliance will be notified by the YSK to other political parties within the alliance until 18.00.

April 7: In case of political party/parties that have abandoned the alliance, the deadline for other political parties remaining in the alliance to make changes to the alliance protocol or to announce that they have abandoned the alliance will end at 17.00.

April 10: According to the information received from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, the processing of deceased voters and those who have been stripped of their citizenship of the Republic of Turkey will be completed by the General Directorate of Electoral Roll.

April 12: Domestic and international voter registers will be finalized. The places and ballot boxes where the domestic voters will vote will be determined.

April 15: The temporary list of candidates for parliamentary candidates will be published.

April 19: The casting and distribution of voter information sheets will begin, and political parties will be requested to submit the lists of members who will take part in the ballot box committee to the chairman of the district election board. The YSK will send the final list of candidates for deputies to the provincial election boards to be announced by electoral districts, and to the relevant authorities to be published in the Official Gazette, radio and television.

April 27: Voting process abroad will begin with customs gates.

May 4: Freedom of propaganda and some election bans will begin.

May 7: Radio and television propaganda speeches will begin. Distribution of voter information sheets to voters will be completed.

May 9: Voting abroad will end.

May 13: Election propaganda process will end as of 18:00.

May 14: Voting day. The election bans will end at 24.00. The temporary results of the presidential election will be announced until 23:59.


YSK announced the names of the parties that were eligible to participate in the elections. Here are the parties that can participate in the 2023 elections;

Justice Unity Party
Justice Party
Justice and Development Party
Fatherland Party
Independent Türkiye Party
Great Unity Party
Great Türkiye Party
Republican People’s Party
Democracy and Breakthrough Party
Democratic Left Party
Democratic Party
Labor Party
Future Party
Teen Party
Power Union Party
Rights and Freedoms Party
People’s Liberation Party
Peoples‘ Democratic Party
Free Cause Party
GOOD Party
Hometown Party
Nation Party
Nationalist Movement Party
National Road Party
Felicity Party
Left Party
Türkiye Change Party
Workers Party of Türkiye
Communist Movement of Türkiye
Communist Party of Türkiye
Homeland Party
The Welfare Party Again
Innovation Party
New Türkiye Party
The Greens and the Left Party of the Future
Victory Party

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