How is Turkey’s domestic policy shaped during the Cyprus crisis?

The Cyprus crisis is a process that started after Turkey’s military intervention in Cyprus in 1974 and is still ongoing. This crisis also had significant effects on Turkey’s domestic politics. Turkey’s Cyprus policy causes important debates in both domestic and foreign policy.

During the Cyprus crisis, Turkey’s domestic policy was generally shaped by nationalism. Turkey’s Cyprus policy is generally supported by nationalist views, as it pursues a policy based on the country’s national interests and security. This situation has led to the emergence of political parties and leaders who adopt a harsh stance on Cyprus.

It is also seen that political polarization increased in Turkey during the Cyprus crisis. There are harsh polemics between political parties and leaders who have different views on Cyprus policy. While some political parties criticize Turkey’s Cyprus policy, others support this policy. This situation causes increased political tension and deepening social polarization in Turkey.

Another important factor shaping Turkey’s domestic policy during the Cyprus crisis is international relations. The Cyprus problem also affects Turkey’s reputation and relations in the international arena. Therefore, Turkey’s Cyprus policy is also an important issue in the context of international relations. The attitude towards Cyprus determines Turkey’s position in the international arena and also affects Turkey’s foreign policy.

As a result, Turkey’s domestic policy during the Cyprus crisis is generally shaped by nationalism and political polarization. Cyprus policy has a significant impact on Turkey’s domestic and foreign policy, causing increased political tension, deepening social polarization and becoming a determining factor in international relations. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand and take into account the factors shaping Turkey’s Cyprus policy.

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