How did the recent rains affect the dams of Istanbul?

The rain, which was effective in Istanbul, helped the dams, albeit a little. The water level in the dams increased by 2.28 percent in the last week, exceeding 39 percent. However, this rate was well behind the occupancy rate, which approached 90 percent last year.

With the heavy rains that were effective in Istanbul, the water level of the dams increased.
According to İSKİ data; The occupancy rate of the dams supplying water to the megacity has increased by 2.28 percent in the last week.
The increase in dams in the last day was 0.69. It was stated that 6.7 million cubic meters of water accumulated in the dams in one day. Today’s occupancy rate was recorded as 39.3 percent.
However, the increase in the occupancy rate in Istanbul’s dams fell far behind last year. In the measurements made at the end of March 2022, the dam occupancy rates were recorded as 89.28 percent.
In the measurements made today in Istanbul, the most full dam was Ömerli dam with 59.47 percent. The dam with the lowest water level was recorded as the Kazandere dam with an occupancy rate of 9.39 percent.

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The recent rains in Istanbul have had a positive effect on the city’s dams. According to İSKİ data, the water level in the dams has increased by 2.28% in the last week, reaching a total occupancy rate of 39% – still well below last year’s occupancy rate of nearly 90%. Despite the increase, Istanbul’s dams remain at low levels, with the Kazandere dam having the lowest water level at 9.39%, and the Ömerli dam having the highest at 59.47%.

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