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He was the chief wrestler of the 661st Historical Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling held in Edirne. Cengizhan SimsekIt was understood that he was actually suspended when he was wrestling on 1-3 July. Upon the application of the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission, the General Directorate of Sports Arbitration Committee imposed a one-year ban, effective from 9 March 2022, to Şimşek, the Kırkpınar Chief Wrestler of 2022, who did not report his place in January, July and October 2020 despite being in the doping control pool. gave. The Board ruled that all awards and degrees obtained by the athlete as of 1.10.2020 be canceled.

After the decision, the 2022 Kırkpınar wrestling belt will be awarded to the runner-up in the final with a ceremony to be held at Edirne Municipality Atatürk Cultural Center with the decision of the Turkish Traditional Wrestling Federation. Mustafa StoneIt is planned to be given to . The ceremony, which was planned to be held on March 16, was canceled with the decision of ’stopping the execution‘, which reached the Municipality of Edirne on the same morning. It was learned that the administrative court, to which Şimşek applied through his lawyers, decided to stay the execution of the decision to give the belt to Taş.

Şimşek’s opponent in the final, Taş, made harsh statements after this decision. Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan, drawing attention to the increasing tension between the parties, called for restraint. Gürkan, „There is a serious chaos in the middle, Kırkpınar is also approaching, until that time it must be resolved by the authorities.“ said.


Başpehlivan Mustafa Taş made a statement via his social media account. Reacting to his rival Cengizhan Şimşek in his statement, Taş said, „I have been silent, I have been silenced. I tried hard so that our wrestling community and Turkish sports would not be harmed and we would not be harmed. But I saw that the day is not the day to be silent, but the day for the truth to emerge. I went to celebrate with drums and clarion. It has been said that if you cannot prove it, you are spineless. From here, I invite the President of the federation, İbrahim Türkiş, and the Mayor of the Municipality, Recep Gürkan, to make a public statement. I said to them, ‚Definitely not drums, let it be a simple ceremony with a press conference.‘ And I postponed this ceremony as much as I could. Oil wrestling The top names of the community are my witnesses in this process.“ said.

Mustafa Stone


Accusing Şimşek of escaping from giving a doping test, Taş said, „If you came to that field so clean, why did you avoid giving the test during the training process that was prepared before Kırkpınar? Those who missed the doping test 4 times, did not respond to 38 notifications, received a 1-year penalty and did this even though they knew the penalty. Cengizhan, who admitted it himself. Despite being punished, you somehow got on the field with politics and came first. Then you say you’re clean. How will you make us believe that you used bad means during the test (in preparation for Kırkpınar) and then came clean? Come on, you fooled the audience, how will you fool us? „Every time you shamelessly lie to the victim. You are guilty, Cengizhan. Did I say use it or did I say run away. As Mustafa Taş, I burned the ships after this hour. I will shoot a video with documents. If both Cengizhan and the forces behind him are a little young, hodri challenge.“ used the phrases.

Upon Mustafa Taş’s social media sharing, Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan answered the questions of the journalists on the subject. Gürkan said, „They argue among themselves, he is right, he is right, I will not go into them. After all, they are all the children of this country, the wrestlers of this country, but there is a serious chaos, Kırkpınar is approaching, until then, this needs to be resolved by the authorities. We want the wrestlers to talk on the field, but here too. There is a process that we came to with really good intentions, naivety or neglect. I wish we had not reached this point even if those measures had been implemented by the previous federation at the time. There is nothing we can do, we need to look ahead. I invite everyone to be cool, prudent and moderate. After all, our wrestlers will be wrestling in the same meadow the day after tomorrow. Everyone stay calm, the law always makes the right decision, let’s wait for the law,“ he said.

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The Kırkpınar oil wrestling championship’s 2022 chief wrestler, Cengizhan Şimşek, has been suspended for one year by the General Directorate of Sports Arbitration Committee for failing to report his whereabouts during doping control. The suspension, effective from March 9, 2022, stipulated that all awards and degrees acquired by Şimşek from October 1, 2020, be canceled. As a result of this suspension, the runner-up, Mustafa Taş, has been chosen as the 2022 Kırkpınar wrestling belt award recipient. However, after Şimşek applied through his lawyers, the administrative court has decided to stay the execution of the decision to give the belt to Taş. Taş, in his social media post, had accused Şimşek of avoiding the doping test, missing the test four times, not responding to 38 notifications, and still emerging the winner via politics. The Edirne Mayor has called for restraint, and the issue to be resolved by the authorities, as the Kırkpınar oil wrestling championship approaches.

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