Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş derby comment from MHK President Lale Orta: No one in the world calls it a penalty – Last Minute Sports News

guest at the broadcaster MHK President Lale OrtaReferee Halil Umut Meler and the VAR room made a mistake in the penalty that the Yellow-dark blue team won after Arda Güler fell to the ground.

He evaluated Ara Güler’s penalty position in the Orta Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş derby, stating that they would meet under one roof and explain with transparency by sending them the positions they want to be announced by the Super League clubs.


Orta said, “There is no penalty here, we can talk about deception. No one anywhere in the world would call it a penalty. Absolutely wrong decision made on the field. It’s clear that VAR needs to fix it. VAR also acted incorrectly, did not intervene. This position did not affect the outcome of the match, it’s a bit of referee luck. It gave us some relief. No malicious intent, human error. Halil Umut Meler is our referee who has come to the fore in the world. He will learn from here and improve his performance towards the positive.” said.

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Source Link: NTV/BRT

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MHK President Lale Orta criticized referee Halil Umut Meler and the VAR room for making a mistake in awarding a penalty to Fenerbahçe in their match against Beşiktaş. Orta stated that the decision was „absolutely wrong“ and that there was „no penalty“ in the situation. He also called for transparency and for the Super League clubs to meet and discuss controversial decisions made by referees. However, Orta did acknowledge that there was no malicious intent and that it was a human error on the part of the referee.

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