Female students find hidden camera in their dormitory room in Kokand State Pedagogical Institute

Reportedly, a hidden camera was installed in the dormitory room of female students. The girls living in the room complained about it to the rector and the vice-rector. However, officials reprimanded the students for raising up their voice against this heinous act.

Several female students at the Kokand State Pedagogical Institute (KSPI) contacted The students said that on April 1, they were urgently called from the referendum propaganda event and asked to open the room in the dormitory. They were told that “Wi-Fi signal is disappearing, so a device to amplify it will be installed”.

After the girls opened the room, the masters came in, touched the wires and installed something.

Camera installation process.

Naturally, the girls were suspicious. They opened the device installed in the upper corner of the room. It is thickened with three screws. In the fourth spot, the screw was not fixed, but a black substance was seen protruding. It was later revealed that the object was the tiny lens of a hidden camera.

The corner where the hidden camera is installed. The location of the lens is indicated by the arrow

The girls removed the implanted device, took it to the experts and showed it to them. They said this was a hidden camera.

It was also said that the camera can also record sound and video to a flash drive and transfer it to another device over the network. That is, it was possible to monitor the room online through this camera.

When the girls opened and read the 128 GB flash drive attached to the camera, they witnessed that it filmed their arrival at the room and changing clothes nakedly.

“We hurriedly arrived from the event and asked what was being installed in our room, of course. They said that the Wi-Fi wave was not working well, they were installing a device that would increase its frequency, they needed to find out where the interruption was happening.

After we opened our room, Ravshan Mahkamov, the head of KSPI dormitory, took us out of our room, saying “you should leave without disturbing the masters”.

When we were far away, they spoke in whispers, and when we got closer, they raised their voices and changed the topic.

On Sunday, April 2, when we got home late, our parents were curious about our late arrival. We have said everything. They asked if we had a Wi-Fi router in our room, we said “no”. They asked if they wired the Wi-Fi device to that tool, we said “no”. Then our family members said: “Try opening that device, if it’s not connected to Wi-Fi, it must be something else”.

On Monday, after we arrived at the dormitory, we opened that box. During our opening process, one screw above appeared to be broken.

We took the installed equipment out of its place and showed it to a specialist, and it turned out to be a hidden camera,” one of the girls staying in the room said.

The girls said they did not know if hidden cameras were installed in other rooms of the dormitory.

After that, the girls called 102 service number (police department) and filed a complaint. They also submitted an application to the presidential portal. The application was sent to the local prophylactic inspector. He is studying the case. It is said that the inspector reports to the vice-rector for spiritual and educational affairs Oybek Bozorov on every identified detail.

The girls complained about this incident and approached the rector of the institute, Dilnozakhon Khodjayeva.

“The rector did not even acknowledge our greetings. After hearing us, she said: “how did you know it was a hidden camera?” We told her that we opened it and showed it to a specialist. “What right do you have to open the property of the institute installed in your rooms? Maybe you installed it yourself?”, the rector shouted at us,” the girls said.

The girls, who turned to vice-rector Oybek Bozorov with tears in their eyes, said that “our nakedness was also recorded on video”. According to them, the vice-rector criticized the students for calling 102 service number.

The students said that the vice-rector explained this situation by the fact that it was planned to move the complaining girls from this room and accommodate another troublesome girl there, but he did not have time to move them.


In fact, in such a case, the rector and vice-rector should be held accountable. This is exactly what happens in normal countries. We also want to become a normal country by changing the Constitution. Let’s start this work from KSPI…

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Female students at Kokand State Pedagogical Institute in Uzbekistan have complained that a hidden camera was installed in their dorm room. They alerted the rector and vice-rector of the facility but were criticised for reporting the incident. The device had allegedly been installed to increase Wi-Fi signal strength but the students grew suspicious after witnessing those who installed it behaving suspiciously. On opening the device, they discovered a hidden camera. The camera reportedly took both video and audio and was able to transmit this to another device over the network.

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