Famagusta City Museum Association 1st General Assembly was held

Famagusta City Museum Association (MAKEMÜD) 1st General Assembly was held. The General Assembly, which started after the election of Zehra Babutsalı Alpler and Göktuğ Mohaç, to the Presidency of the Council of Erkan Dağlı and the duties of the Clerk, continued with the election of the Management, Auditing and Disciplinary Boards.

Following the voting, the unanimous chairman and boards were determined as follows:

Chairman: Uğur Ulaş Dağlı

Board of Directors:

Aysel Alihan
Hasan Atli
Koral Ozkoraltay
Mine Rides
Nafia Mediterranean
Raziye Nevzat
That’s delicious
Sibel White Finish
Suay Sevinç;
Göktuğ Mohaç (substitute member)
Gülay Umaner (substitute member)

Supervisory Board:

Ali Alnar
Ozlem Olgac Turker
Berke Dağlı (substitute member)
Honorary Akdeniz (alternate member)

Board of discipline:

Eda Yazgin
Fazil Taneri
Sunakan Lama
Cansu Canalp Competing (Alternate Member)

Ugur Ulaş Dağlı, who was elected as the President of the Association; He stated that he was happy to be an association after a long process.

He stated that Famagusta, a 2300-year-old multi-layered / multi-cultural valuable city, was broken and stopped on February 6, 2023. He emphasized that the aim of our association is to create, record, remember / remind, exhibit and conduct various studies on the subject of the urban memory of our city that day and previous periods (with its places and stories). He stated that the main purpose is to establish a contemporary city museum / urban memory center in our city.

Afterwards, the values ​​of the city and the works to be done were discussed.

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The Famagusta City Museum Association (MAKEMÜD) held its 1st General Assembly and elected Uğur Ulaş Dağlı as the Chairman. The association aims to create, record, remember, exhibit, and conduct studies on the urban memory of Famagusta, a 2300-year-old multi-layered and multicultural valuable city. The main goal is to establish a contemporary city museum/urban memory center. The Association discussed the city’s values and works to be done.

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