„Early diagnosis of autism can improve children’s skills“

Stating that children’s exposure to screens for too long causes them to grow up introverted and socially distant, Türel said, „Children with autism history will be triggered if they are exposed to television, phone, tablet, etc. for a long time. Autism is not a disease. Therefore, it is a process that needs to be treated. Autism, which is one of the pervasive developmental disorders, is a neuro-developmental difference. Its symptoms appear in children aged 0-3. Although it is a lifelong process, with education, individuals with autism can progress in daily life skills and academic skills. Observing the child at home can detect autism symptoms However, for the diagnosis, a developmental test must be applied by a specialist and the results must be evaluated,“ he said.

Türel listed the symptoms of autism as follows:

„If the child avoids making eye contact, enjoys playing alone, does not look back when you call out, cannot distinguish between real and metaphorical situations, has coordination problems, shows aggression and gets angry, shows sensitivity to light, sound and contact, does not like to go out of certain routines, does not like to go out of certain routines, If he is behind in terms of language development compared to the other, if he has difficulties in communication skills, it may be a sign of autism.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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The article discusses the effects of prolonged screen exposure on children and how it can trigger autism symptoms. The speaker, Türel, emphasizes that autism is not a disease but a neuro-developmental difference that needs to be treated. He advises that observing the child at home can help detect autism symptoms, but a developmental test must be conducted by a specialist for diagnosis. Türel also lists the common symptoms of autism, such as avoiding eye contact, enjoying playing alone, showing aggression and getting angry, and having language and communication difficulties. Overall, the article highlights the importance of early diagnosis and treatment to improve children’s skills and daily life functioning.

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