Drunk skier dies after falling 40 meters

Grenoble Prosecutor Eric Vaillant said the 29-year-old and 23-year-old skiers videotaped themselves on the chairlift as they descended the mountain in Deux Alpes.

During the 12-minute journey, the old man, 1.80 meters tall and weighing more than 100 kilograms, broke the plexiglass glass and fell down.

Speaking to The Independent, French police said that the drunk man ran towards the windows of the cabin to have fun, and the glass was broken because of this.

The prosecution confirmed the report after the crime scene investigation.

Research by insurance firm Direct Line in 2019 suggested that more than a thousand Britons a day were injured after consuming alcohol on ski holidays, and 3.8 million people had reported alcohol-related injuries on the slopes in the previous five years.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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Two skiers in Deux Alpes, France, were caught on video as they descended the mountain on a chairlift. One of the skiers, a 29-year-old man, reportedly broke the plexiglass window of the cabin and fell out during the 12-minute journey. The man, who was over 100 kilograms, died as a result. French police stated that the man was drunk and broke the glass while playing around. This incident highlights the dangers of consuming alcohol while skiing, with statistics suggesting that alcohol-related injuries are common on ski holidays.

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