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The new commercial starring the megastar Tarkan, who was announced as the brand face of Disney+ on the launch night, was finally released.


Disney+, which has been broadcasting in Turkey for about 10 months, continues its work with the surprise name Tarkan, which it announced at the launch, without slowing down. Megastar, the brand face of the digital platform, invites the audience to discover the world of Disney+ with the commercial in which he plays.

In the movie where Tarkan is seen watching Disney+, the megastar imagines himself in very different scenes with the effect of what he has watched, and takes the viewers on a journey in the Disney+ universe, starring romantic comedy, action, documentary and science fiction content.

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The commercial film prepared by TBWA\Istanbul and Disney+ teams, which tells the audience to „Discover different worlds with Disney+“ with Tarkan’s much talked about performance, is on air as of today. The film was directed by Boran Güney and Erhan Yuruk, known as DUAL, while Public produced it.

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Disney+ has enlisted Turkish singer Tarkan as its brand face for the platform in the country. Tarkan stars in a new TV commercial imagining himself in various scenes from romantic comedies, action, documentaries and science fiction content, all available on Disney+. The ad campaign, which was created by TBWA\Istanbul, reminds audiences that they can „discover different worlds with Disney+“ and invites them to subscribe to the platform. The Disney+ service has been available in Turkey for 10 months.

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