Disaster returned in Kadıköy ferry – Last Minute News

The city lines ferry, which was going from Eyüpsultan to Kadıköy, came across a dry cargo ship after passing Kasımpaşa.

Allegedly, there was no lighting or an accompanying tugboat on the dry cargo ship.

The captain prevented the accident at the last moment

While the panic experienced by the passengers on the ferry was reflected on the mobile phone cameras, it was learned that the captain of the ferry prevented the accident with the maneuver he made at the last moment.

The city lines ferry continued its course towards Kadıköy Pier after the incident.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A city lines ferry narrowly avoided a collision with an unlit dry cargo ship while en route from Eyüpsultan to Kadıköy. According to reports, the dry cargo ship had no accompanying tugboat or lighting. Thanks to a last-minute maneuver by the ferry’s captain, no accident occurred. Passengers captured the panic on video as the ferry continued its route to Kadıköy Pier.

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