CTP will take action tomorrow

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) will gather in Kuğulu Park at 15.00 tomorrow and march to the Parliament against the “Public Procurement (Amendment) Draft Law”, which it says is prepared to “transfer the country’s energy needs to a company without a tender and with a 15-year contract”.

In the statement made by the CTP, it was noted that it was understood that the UBP-DP-YDP Government would leave the administration in the coming period, and it was stated that it was „concerned about what to give away“. In the statement, all CTP members and the public were called to participate in the action to be held tomorrow.

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ACM Cyprus

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The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) is planning to hold a march against the proposed „Public Procurement (Amendment) Draft Law“ in the capital city of Nicosia, Cyprus. The party claims the law is designed to allow a company to take over the country’s energy needs without a tender process, through a 15-year contract. The CTP has called on all its members and the public to join the protest, which will commence at Kuğulu Park and move towards the Parliament building. The party has expressed concerns about the outgoing UBP-DP-YDP Government handing over control to a private company without appropriate oversight.

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