Crime incidents: 10 flats sold, 580 thousand 236 STG embezzled

A person working at a construction company in Famagusta embezzled 580,236 STG money, which he collected from customers in exchange for 10 apartments he sold since 2016.

According to the information given by the Police Press Officer, TY (E-29), who embezzled the money he collected from the customers, was arrested.

-Cosmetic products were stolen from the market in Demirhan

On the other hand, HU(K-22), who entered a supermarket operating in Demirhan at around 14.00 yesterday, as a customer, stole a total of 1,108 TL worth of cosmetic products from the market. The person in question was arrested.

It was also announced that a person was arrested for the crime of preparing and circulating fake official documents.

In January 2023, the police forged a residence document showing his own address in Nicosia, with the intention of defrauding a person residing in the Greek Cypriot Administration of M.Ş. The person in question, who gave this document to the person who did the accounting work, was arrested.

– Drug operation in Famagusta… 1 person was arrested

In Famagusta, NA (E-37) was arrested during the operation carried out by the Narcotics and Smuggling Prevention Directorate teams yesterday afternoon. In the possession of the person in question, two A4 papers believed to contain synthetic cannabinoid type drugs and an artificial hookah believed to contain methamphetamine type drug residues were found and taken as evidence.

-The cause of Orac’s death was „internal hemorrhage and cerebral edema“

The results of the autopsy performed on Erkan Oraç (E-57), who fell to the ground due to a double throw of a horse in Balıkesir on 12 March and died the previous day, have been announced.

It was determined that the cause of death of Oraç was the result of “internal hemorrhage and cerebral edema”.


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A construction company employee in Famagusta was arrested for embezzling $580,236 from customers whom he had sold 10 apartments to since 2016. In a separate incident, a person was arrested for stealing cosmetic products worth 1,108 TL from a supermarket in Demirhan. Another person was arrested for forging a residence document in January 2023, with the intention to defraud a person residing in the Greek Cypriot Administration of M.Ş. Additionally, one individual was arrested in Famagusta for possession of synthetic cannabinoid-type drugs and methamphetamine-type drug residues. The cause of Erkan Oraç’s death, who died after falling off a horse, was determined to be internal hemorrhage and cerebral edema.

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