Caught while taking the squirrels he sold by bus: 21 thousand 800 TL fine for 3 people

Bolu Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch Directorate teams stopped a passenger bus going from Diyarbakır to Istanbul at the Bolu crossing of the TEM Highway on suspicion. The bus was searched by the gendarmerie teams. During the searches, 8 squirrels were found in 2 wooden cages. It was determined that the squirrels belonged to Ş.G., who was a passenger on the bus. It turned out that Ş.G. sold the squirrels to HA and FA, who live in Istanbul, and took them for delivery.

While the squirrels were handed over to the teams of the Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Directorate, an administrative fine of 21 thousand 800 TL was imposed on the people in question within the scope of the ‚Land Hunting Law‘.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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On April 4th, 2023, the Bolu Provincial Gendarmerie Command stopped a passenger bus on the TEM Highway, suspecting organized crime and smuggling. The bus was going from Diyarbakır to Istanbul. The gendarmerie teams searched the bus and found 8 squirrels in 2 wooden cages. The squirrels were owned by a passenger named Ş.G. who sold them to two people living in Istanbul named HA and FA for delivery. Additionally, the Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Directorate took the squirrels into their care, and the people involved were fined 21 thousand 800 TL for violating the „Land Hunting Law.“

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