Bullets hit the IYI Party Istanbul provincial building! His statement revealed: I shot at the thieves, not the party building

Melikşah E., the construction watchman, was detained in connection with the bullets that hit the IYI Party Provincial Presidency in Zeytinburnu. Melikşah E., who had a licensed gun on him, brought him to the Public Security Branch Directorate yesterday evening.

The transactions of Melikşah E. were carried out in the Extortion Bureau. It was learned that Melikşah E., who gave a statement to the police, said that at the time of the incident, he fired to frighten 3-4 people whom he could not see fully because of the darkness.

It was stated that Melikşah E. said, „I took out my licensed gun and fired into the air to scare the thieves. I heard the sound of the gun and saw the suspects running downhill quickly. In the morning, I went to sleep.“

Suspect Melikşah E. was transferred to Bakırköy Palace of Justice after the procedures were completed from the Public Security Branch Office building in Gayrettepe. The suspect did not answer the questions of members of the press „Why did you do it“ at the exit.


2 bullets hit the building of the IYI Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency on the side of the Zeytinburnu D100 highway. Police were informed after the officers who came to the building in the morning noticed the traces of bullets. Police teams who arrived at the scene launched a large-scale investigation into the matter.

Istanbul Police Department set up a special team to identify the suspect or suspects. This team determined where the bullet came from before their fieldwork using lasers. Detecting that the bullets came from an ongoing construction on the side of the D100 highway opposite the building, the teams focused their work in that area. Examining the security cameras of the construction, the police determined that the person who shot the gun was Melikşah E., the guard of the construction. Melikşah E., who was detained at her home by the police, was taken to the police station for her procedures. It was determined that Melikşah E., upon noticing that a thief had entered the building in the evening, pulled a gun to scare the thieves and make them kidnapped.

While Melikşah E.’s procedures at the police station were continuing, the construction in question was viewed. It was seen that the D100 highway passed between the building on the opposite side of the IYI Party Provincial Presidency building.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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Melikşah E., a construction watchman carrying a licensed gun, was arrested for firing shots at the IYI Party Provincial Presidency building in Zeytinburnu. Melikşah E. claimed that he fired to scare a group of 3-4 people he couldn’t see properly because of the darkness, but the police discovered that he was attempting to scare off thieves. Lasers helped police identify the construction area from where the bullets were fired. Examining security cameras, police found that Melikşah E. was the shooter, and he was subsequently arrested.

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