Border security sharing from the Ministry of National Defense

The Ministry of National Defense shared information about border security activities on its social media account. In the post made, „Hero Mehmetçik said, ‚The border is honorable!‘ With its understanding, it works 7 days and 24 hours uninterruptedly despite all kinds of difficult climate and terrain conditions. Within the scope of border physical security system studies, world-class technology-intensive systems are used at our borders instead of human-intensive security systems. In addition to the determination and determination of our soldiers, advanced measures at our borders prevent all kinds of terrorist activities and smuggling, thus contributing to the peace and security of our citizens in the country. Our struggle on our borders continues in an effective and deterrent manner,” he said.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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On April 2, 2023, the Ministry of National Defense shared information on social media about their border security activities. The post highlighted the determination and dedication of soldiers who work 24/7 despite challenging climate and terrain conditions. The ministry also emphasized the use of world-class technology-intensive systems for border physical security rather than human-intensive security systems. These advanced measures, coupled with the soldiers‘ resolve, prevent smuggling and terrorist activities, contributing to the peace and security of citizens in the country. The ministry vowed to continue their effective and deterrent struggle on the borders.

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