Aytun Çıray from the IYI Party withdrew from the parliamentary candidacy

IYI Party İzmir Deputy Aytun Çıray announced that he withdrew from his candidacy. Making a statement from his social media account, Çıray used the following statements:

„I am relinquishing my IYI Party parliamentary candidacy in the hope of contributing to Turkey on a different basis after May 14. The Honorable Kılıçdaroğlu being the president in İzmir… And I will work hard to raise our votes that fell below the threshold after the crisis. Long live Atatürk! It is a lie that I object to the order. I will explain the reason for my waiver in the coming days. Regards.“

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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Aytun Çıray, a deputy from the IYI Party in Turkey, has withdrawn from his parliamentary candidacy. In a statement on social media, Çıray stated that he hoped to contribute to Turkey on a different basis after May 14 and that he would work to increase his party’s votes. He also emphasized his support for Ataturk and stated that he would explain the reason for his decision in the coming days.

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