Attention! “199 Fire Brigade” line in Nicosia is down due to malfunction

According to the information given by the Police Press Officer, the “199 FIRE FIRE” line belonging to the Fire Brigade in the Nicosia Industrial Zone was out of service due to a malfunction.

According to the information given, in order to reach the Nicosia Fire Brigade until the malfunction is resolved; It was stated that the lines with the 0548 811 3504, (0392) 330 0232 or 155 Police Emergency call numbers should be used.


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The Nicosia Fire Brigade’s emergency line, „199 FIRE FIRE,“ was out of service due to a malfunction, according to a statement by the Police Press Officer. Until the issue is resolved, alternative emergency numbers such as 0548 811 3504, (0392) 330 0232, or 155 should be used to contact the fire brigade.

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