“As the Presidency, we will continue to stand by the arts and our artists”

President Ersin Tatar opened the Magical World Photography Exhibition, which was held at the Nicosia Atatürk Cultural Center, with the contribution of the Culture Department and the auspices of the Cyprus Photographic Art Association.
In his speech, President Tatar stated that the pain experienced due to the earthquake that took place in Turkey on February 6 will not be forgotten, and wished God’s mercy on those who lost their lives.
President Tatar emphasized the importance of the works of the association and the resulting works, and stated that photography has developed further.
“As the Presidency, we will give our best support as a state for the dissemination of art. Stating that sharing art with the world is the best part of this job, President Tatar thanked everyone who contributed to the opening of the exhibition.

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President Ersin Tatar inaugurated the Magical World Photography Exhibition organized by the Cyprus Photographic Art Association with the support of the Culture Department at the Nicosia Atatürk Cultural Center. In his speech, President Tatar expressed condolences for the lives lost in the recent earthquake in Turkey and emphasized the importance of photography as an art form. He also pledged the support of the Presidency in promoting art in the region.

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