Antakya civilizations choir took the stage in Istanbul

The Antakya Civilizations Choir, which lost 7 people in the earthquakes that shook Turkey, gave a concert in Istanbul as part of the „Music of Solidarity“ project.

Antakya Civilizations Choir Initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to contribute to the aid and support activities after the Hatay earthquake. „Music of Solidarity“ He took the stage at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall as part of his project. Many celebrities came to support the concert.“Unfortunately, 193 PEOPLE WERE LEFT AFTER FEBRUARY 6” Antakya Civilizations Choir Orchestra Conductor Yılmaz Özfirat earthquake victimsÖzfirat said, “As Antakya civilizations organization, we have been carrying out our activities since 2007. To date, we have given more than 2,000 concerts in different parts of the world. We were 200 people in total, unfortunately, after 6 February, 193 people remained. And this earthquake wanted to destroy us, but thank God we were not destroyed. And we decided to continue our activities in order to come back to life,“ he said.„THIS WAS THE ARTISTIC PART OF SOLIDARITY“ IMM Head of Culture Department Volkan Aslan said, „Tonight we have experienced a musical expression of everything we have felt since the earthquake happened. We have always known from the beginning that the only way to endure such great pain is solidarity, and we have tried to act with those feelings. As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, since the first day of the earthquake. „We were in Hatay. There have always been different types of our work, our solidarity. Sometimes we collected donations, sometimes we went and worked there. This was actually the artistic part of this solidarity,“ he said.

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Source Link: NTV/BRT/CNN

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The Antakya Civilizations Choir performed in Istanbul as part of the „Music of Solidarity“ project, initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to support aid activities after the earthquakes in Turkey. The choir lost seven members in the earthquakes that hit Hatay province. The concert was attended by many celebrities. The choir has been active since 2007 and has given over 2,000 concerts around the world. Despite being devastated by the earthquakes, they have decided to continue their activities to „come back to life.“ The performance was a musical expression of solidarity towards the earthquake victims.

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