Anger is increasing against the 2 characters that the audience has targeted in the Kingfisher series! / Detay – After Pelin, her mother Zerrin, as the unwanted characters in the story of the Kingfisher series, is also on the agenda of social media. Buce Buse Kahraman, who plays the character of Pelin, has been receiving intense reactions for a long time. However, the screenwriters do not want to remove this character from the story, as it raises the element of conflict and the reaction of the audience.

Now, we see that the screenwriters started to load the character of Zerrin as if the tension in the series increased. The character portrayed by Toprak Sağlam, reflects some mother characters whose existence is known in today’s world, which also strengthens the fiction of the screenwriter.

There are mothers who aim to interfere in their children’s lives, and everyone in the society knows well what their children can do at the expense of ending their marriage. Such a mother character is not appropriate in the society anyway, and the audience’s reaction to Zerrin is increasing in the story of the series.

The character of Zerrin, who leads her daughter Pelin to Ferit, whom she knows to be married, is one of the important trump cards in the hand of the screenwriter. Pelin and Zerrin jump the tension point of the story and this means playing with the nerves of the audience. Of course, it is not easy to keep a 2-hour series alive every week and to try to get first place by getting very good ratings.

The Kingfisher series fans criticize the characters of Zerrin and Pelin with very harsh words. There are also those who think that these characters do not have an important contribution to the conflict element in the story. Those who think that some of Zerrin’s words are extremely illogical and inconsistent are also sharing.

Others watch this duo with the feeling that they are similar people in real life and accumulate experience.

However, you can see many posts reacting to the scenes of Zerrin and Pelin, thinking that the screenwriter is dealing with childish things, arguing that this point of view of the script is wrong, and expressing that both characters should be sent from the series.

Toprak Sağlam and Buce Buse Kahraman in the Kingfisher series are popular names in social media these days, and this means that the advertisement of the series is spread to millions of people every week.


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The characters of Pelin and her mother Zerrin in the Kingfisher series have been receiving intense reactions from the audience, with many criticizing their involvement in the story. However, the screenwriters seem to be holding on to these characters as they add tension and conflict to the plot. Zerrin, in particular, reflects a type of mother who interferes in their children’s lives to the point of ruining marriages, which has led to an increase in audience reactions. Despite the criticism, the popularity of the characters played by Toprak Sağlam and Buce Buse Kahraman on social media means the series is still gaining attention.

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