After the earthquake, the first tourist group came to Adıyaman from South Korea.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah DemircanAs part of Tourism Week South KoreaHe gave flowers and various gifts to the tourists coming to the city from Adıyaman Airport.

After the ceremony, Demircan told reporters that 56 days have passed since the earthquakes on 6 February, and that during this time, many efforts are being made to return life to normal in Adıyaman.

Explaining that besides the wreckage works, tent and container cities were established and the work on permanent residences continues rapidly, Demircan expressed that they are making efforts to start a normal life in Adıyaman with local dynamics.

Pointing out that tourism activities are also important for Adıyaman, Demircan said, „We are in the first week of April. Tourism Week has started. The tourism dynamics of this place, especially our hotels, our agencies, guides and representatives of gastronomy have been working for us as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for about 40 days and the sector has become serviceable. „Even though they could not reach the full capacity under difficult conditions, they made serious efforts to start the tourism season today,“ he said.

Noting that the first tourist group that came after the earthquake was applied for about a month ago, Demircan said, „Preparations have been made for them, the first group has landed today. It will continue unabated. The tourism season has started in this sense,“ he said. he said.

Pointing out that Adıyaman is a unique place with its history, culture, gastronomy and natural beauties, Demircan said:

„Thank God, some of our important works, especially Nemrut, have not been a problem, but some of our historical places have been damaged. As the ministry, we will do our part to follow them and bring them back to life. Today, there is an excitement in the sense of normalization caused by the arrival of this tourist group. We will develop this and look to the future with hope. Together, we will endeavor to return Adıyaman to its normal days.“


Adıyaman Mayor Süleyman Kılınç pointed out that the earthquake in the region was not the disaster of the century, but the disaster of centuries. continues,” he said.

Stressing that Adıyaman’s Mesopotamia is the land of civilizations, Kılınç said, „Adıyaman is the land of ancient civilizations. It is a kind of open-air museum that has hosted 20-odd civilizations.

The tourist group then left the airport to visit the historical and touristic places of the region, especially Mount Nemrut.

Kayseri Governor Gökmen Çiçek, who served as the coordinator in Adıyaman, was also present at the welcoming ceremony.

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Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan welcomed the first tourist group from South Korea at Adıyaman Airport as part of Tourism Week. Speaking to reporters, Demircan highlighted the efforts being made to return life to normal in Adıyaman after the earthquakes that struck the area, including the establishment of tent and container cities and rapid work on permanent residences. He also expressed the importance of tourism activities for the region and thanked local tourism professionals for their efforts despite difficult conditions. Adıyaman Mayor Süleyman Kılınç emphasized that the region is the land of ancient civilizations and a kind of open-air museum that has hosted over 20 civilizations. The tourist group visited historical and touristic places such as Mount Nemrut.

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