Action in ports

Port stakeholders, who opposed the privatization process of loading and unloading services in Famagusta and Kyrenia Ports, launched an action at the ports demanding the establishment of a structure that would include the state instead of privatization.

Due to the action supported by agents, crane owners, shipowners, shipping agents, transporters and customs brokers, the exit of ships from the ports was stopped.

The action committee formed by the port stakeholders warned that the action will continue until the problem is resolved.


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ACM Cyprus

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Port stakeholders launched an action at Famagusta and Kyrenia Ports to protest against the privatization of loading and unloading services. The stakeholders demand a state-involved structure instead of privatization. The action, which was supported by shipowners, customs brokers, transporters, agents, and crane owners, caused ships to stop exiting the ports. The action committee warned that they will continue until the problem is resolved.

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