A new car plant to be established in Uzbekistan

During his visit to the Syrdarya region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev proposed to build a new automobile plant in the region.

The corresponding footage of the President’s speech was published on the “Uzbekistan 24” TV channel.

“Why don’t we produce cars in Syrdarya, which is located near Tashkent? Let’s lay the foundation for a good Chinese factory. The more car factories, the lower the price, the higher the quality. Can we do it? Of course we can,” the President said.

It should be recalled that yesterday, April 7, Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Syrdarya region. An extraordinary session of the regional council of people’s deputies was held in Gulistan. During his speech, the head of state announced 5 new initiatives for the development of the region.

Then the President announced that an Uzbek-Chinese investment fund would be created to finance investment projects in Syrdarya together with the reputable PRC Chinese Silk Road Fund and other financial institutions.

$1 billion will be invested in the fund.

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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has proposed the construction of a new automobile plant in Uzbekistan’s Syrdarya region, located close to Tashkent. He believes that the more car factories in the region, the lower the prices and the higher the quality. The new plant will reportedly be a Chinese factory, and the President has announced the creation of a new Uzbek-Chinese investment fund that will invest $1bn in financing projects in the Syrdarya region.

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