6 people found dead in Elazig were buried side by side

Police teams, who entered a house in Elazig yesterday for a natural gas leak, found 6 people shot in the head with a gun. It turned out that the teacher, who was insane, murdered his family and then committed suicide. The dead bodies of the family of 6 who lost their lives were seen together for the last time at the funeral prayer. On the other hand, the details of the terrible event have also emerged.

After the madness of the teachers in Elazig, „gambling“ came out.
The incident took place in the center of the center in the district of Salibaba, Umran Street. According to the information received, there was an argument between the teacher Hüseyin Fırat and his family.
Hussein Fırat, who became insane after the discussion, spread terror with the shotgun he brought with him.
Hüseyin Fırat committed suicide by holding the gun to his head after shooting at his father Cuma Ali, his mother Zeynep, his brother Remziye and his disabled brothers Yusuf and Mesut.
Entering the house where the notice was made, the teams found 6 people shot in the head inside. Upon receiving the news, health, special operations and support teams were dispatched to the scene. The medical teams, who entered, determined that 6 people died in the first examination they made. The bodies of Hüseyin, Zeynep, Remziye, Cuma Ali, Yusuf and Mesut Fırat were taken to the morgue for autopsy.
The dead bodies of the family of 6, whose autopsies were completed at the Fırat University Hospital, were buried in the Asri Cemetery after the funeral prayer performed after the noon prayer today. It has been learned that the investigation into the incident is continuing.
It was claimed that teacher Hüseyin F. (in the photo) had gambling debts and came to his father’s house to ask for money. It was learned that Hüseyin F. killed his family by causing insanity and then committed suicide after his father did not give money.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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A tragic incident occurred in Elazig, Turkey, where a teacher who became insane killed his family members and then committed suicide. Police teams found six members of the family shot in the head in their house, and they were all buried side by side. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing. It was claimed that the teacher, Hüseyin F., had gambling debts and went to his father’s house to ask for money, but when his father didn’t give him any, he killed his family in a fit of insanity. This incident has brought attention to mental health issues and the importance of seeking help when needed.

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