“20th Orchid Walk” was held

The Orchid Walk, organized for the 20th time this year by the Cancer Research Foundation in cooperation with the Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu Foundation CENGO-V and the main sponsorship of TELSİM, was held on the Dilekkaya Walking Track of the Değirmenlik Municipality.
President Ersin Tatar and his wife Sibel Tatar, some ministers, organizations, associations and citizens attended the Orchid Walk event.

Speeches were made at the starting point of the march.

Making the first speech, Cancer Research Foundation President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Camgöz requested that the foundation, which is the only institution conducting cancer research in Cyprus, is working hard to fight cancer and that the progress report prepared in this context should be examined.

TRNC TELSİM General Manager Sefer Tüzde stated that it was a meaningful and special day and expressed her pleasure to sponsor this event of the Cancer Research Foundation.

CENGO-V Foundation President Özge Özbekoğlu emphasized that they work and produce projects for children and young people and thanked the participants.

President Ersin Tatar thanked everyone who has been carrying out the marches for 20 years without interruption and stated that the scientific studies prepared are important and that these studies are important for the TRNC people, institutions and organizations and the state.
Tatar said that they support these scientific studies as much as they can, and that this walk carries the message of how much importance should be given to health.

Tatar said, “It is not possible to walk once a year. We would always like to see you in sports, hiking and all kinds of activities to protect our health, to be healthy against all kinds of diseases, pandemics, covid and all kinds of epidemics.
After the speeches, the march started.

Participants sold healthy food products, village products and beverages at 20 booths set up at the event.

“Champion Angels” t-shirts were sold at the KAV stand at the event, where the “Champion Angels” who passed away in the earthquake that took place in Turkey on February 6 are not forgotten.

The Presidential Science and Health Committee also set up a booth at the event.

The event, where all tickets were sold, was held with a large participation despite the cloudy and rainy weather.

Citizens participating in the event pointed out both the benefits of doing sports and the importance of being conscious about cancer.


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The 20th Orchid Walk, organized by the Cancer Research Foundation in collaboration with the Süleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu Foundation CENGO-V and sponsored by TELSİM, was held in Değirmenlik Municipality’s Dilekkaya Walking Track. The event was attended by President Ersin Tatar and his wife Sibel Tatar, along with ministers, organizations, associations, and citizens. Various speeches were made at the starting point, highlighting the importance of cancer research and the need to prioritize health. The event was held despite the cloudy and rainy weather, and participants sold healthy food products, village products, and beverages at booths. The event highlighted the benefits of sports and the importance of raising awareness about cancer.

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