“20th Orchid Walk” this Sunday

Organized for the 20th time this year by the Cancer Research Foundation (KAV) in cooperation with the CENGO-V Foundation and under the main sponsorship of TELSİM, the Orchid Walk takes place in the Dilekkaya forest of the Değirmenlik Municipality on Sunday, 9 April.

According to the statement made by KAV, the 20th Orchid Walk, which will take place in the Dilekkaya forest for the first time this year, will start at 10:00 in the morning.

It was stated in the statement that gift draws will be held this year, as in previous years, and that participants will be able to participate in the draw if they send their ticket numbers to 0548 855 15 15 as a text message.

Participants; In the statement, it was stated that they will be able to buy healthy food products, village products and beverages from 20 stands that will be set up in the area where the march will take place, and that „Champion Angels“ will not be forgotten, and that „Champion Angels“ t-shirts will be offered for sale at the KAV stand that will be opened. In addition to the sales stands, the Presidential Science and Health Committee will also have a stand.

At the beginning of the march, which will start at 10:00, there will be a tai-chi show with the presentation of Tarık Tekman during the gathering of the participants in the walking area, and at the end of the march, there will be shows by the Değirmenlik Folklore Group and Dilekkaya Muhittin Tüzel Gymnastics Association, and by the Mesarya Yıldızları Gymnastics Specialization Association.

It was stated that almost all of the tickets have been sold, and it was noted that people who have not yet bought tickets for the 20th Orchid Walk can buy their tickets from the stand of the Cancer Research Foundation at the beginning of the walk, if they wish, in return for a donation of 100 TL.

For transportation to the walking area, the link of the sketch can be accessed from the address.

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The 20th Orchid Walk, organized by the Cancer Research Foundation (KAV), will take place on Sunday, April 9th, in the Dilekkaya forest of the Değirmenlik Municipality, in collaboration with the CENGO-V Foundation and sponsored by TELSİM. The march will begin at 10 am in the morning. Gift draws will be held, and attendees can participate by sending their ticket numbers via text message. Healthy food products, village products, and beverages will be available for purchase at stands set up along the walking area. The Presidential Science and Health Committee will also have a stand. Tai-chi shows and various demonstrations will be featured during the event. The tickets for the march have almost been sold out, and those interested can purchase them for a donation of 100 TL at the Cancer Research Foundation’s stand at the beginning of the march. The sketch for transportation to the walking area can be accessed via the address provided.

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