2023 elections ballot order: Which party, which rank?

LAST MINUTE NEWS: A lottery was drawn at the Supreme Election Board to determine the positions of parties and alliances on the ballot paper. As a result of drawing lots, the People’s Alliance ranked 8th and the Nation Alliance ranked 18th. Party rankings within the alliances have also been revealed. While the AK Party ranked 2nd in the People’s Alliance, the CHP ranked 4th in the Nation’s Alliance.

Breaking news! While the election calendar of the Supreme Election Board (YSK) is running; The positions of the alliances and political parties that will enter the elections on the ballot have also been determined. Party representatives were present at the Supreme Election Board, where the lottery was drawn.

As a result of the drawing of lots;

New Turkey Party – 1st place Turkey Change Party (TDP) – 2nd place Nation Party – 3rd place Rights and Freedoms Party – 4th place SOCIALIST ALLIANCE – 5th place Young Party – 6th place Country Party – 7th place ALLIANCE OF THE REPUBLIC – 8th place ALLIANCE OF LABOR AND FREEDOM – 9th place Great Turkey Party – 10th place Justice Unity Party – 11th place Motherland Party – 12th place Innovation Party – 13th place People’s Liberation Party (HKP) – 14th place National Road Party – 15th place Vatan Party – 16th place Power Union Party – 17th place NATIONAL ALLIANCE – 18th place ATA İTTİFAKI – 19. sır Independent Türkiye Party (BTP) – 20th place

PARTY RANKINGS IN THE ALLIANCE People’s Alliance; BBP – 1st place AK Party – 2nd place Again Welfare Party – 3rd place MHP – 4th place Labor and Freedom Alliance; Green Left Party – 1st place TYPE – 2nd place Nation Alliance; Future Party – 1st place Democratic Party – 2nd place Democracy and Atılım Party – 3rd place CHP – 4th place Good Party – 5th place Felicity Party – 6th place WHEN WILL THE VOTE BALLS BE PRINTED? The printing of the ballot papers for the presidential election will begin on April 12, and the printing of the ballot papers to be used in the parliamentary elections will begin on April 19. STATEMENT FROM YSK CHAIRMAN YENER YSK Chairman Ahmet Yener said, „In today’s drawing of lots, alliances and the names of political parties are in one of the bells and the names of the political parties are in the other. First, the party name will be drawn and then the sequence number will be determined by the representative of the relevant party. The order will be made from left to right of the ballot. What, I wish the best for Turkish democracy,“ he said.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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The Supreme Election Board in Turkey held a lottery to determine the position of political parties and alliances on the ballot paper for the 2023 elections. The People’s Alliance ranked 8th, with the AK Party 2nd in the alliance, while the Nation Alliance ranked 18th, with the CHP 4th in the alliance. The ballot order for the parties and alliances was also revealed, with the Socialist Alliance in 5th place, the Alliance of the Republic in 8th place, and the National Alliance in 18th place. The printing of the ballot papers will begin on April 12 for the presidential election and April 19 for the parliamentary elections.

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